Andre (Centre)

Andre (Centre)

Andre Rerekura spends his time exploring the remote coastlines of Western Australia, capturing stunning film and images, transitioning from above the ocean, to below. He shoots in high resolution with aerial drones and underwater camera equipment, down-to 50 metres, with a focus on marine life and oceanic sustainability, appreciation and awareness.

"The transition from above to below is what I live for. When you're underwater, life above the water is gone, replaced in an instant by a realm you wish you could linger in longer. You really never know what you might see underwater, and I think that’s what keeps me coming back, time and time again. The countless hours in the water have paid off for some pretty amazing images. My mission is to share the big amazing ocean with the world and inspire others to experience the magic for themselves."



Andre Rerekura


With over 20 years experience working on the ocean, some would describe Andre as a salty-sea-dog. Whether it's surfing, boating, spear fishing, free diving or kite surfing, Andre has always been immersed in the sea. Passionate about marine research, oceanic sustainability and discovering what lives beneath.

Originally from the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Andre has been in Western Australia since 2009. Immediately mesmerised by WA's rugged, raw and beautiful landscapes, he didn't need any persuasion to stay on the West. He began underwater filming in 2011 whilst exploring the remote parts of the West Coast. This lead him to capture stunning images and video content, mostly of sharks and marine life.

Since, he has expanded his work to include documenting and capturing footage for promotional videos, including projects such as; Team project Terra Australis, main pilot for the flying machine on the Discovery Project "Super Ocean Predator", Channel 9 and Channel 7,  and Promotional Film for award winning International bars, wetsuit/swimwear companies, five-star accommodation and local businesses.