Sharks feed off the coast of WA

Just south of Exmouth we're lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful remote camping. Whilst it's only a three hour drive south it feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of life. Even though I've visited this spot many times before, I've never witnessed anything like this.


Adrift off of the north west coast of WA, I was lucky enough to get front row seats to one of natures greatest shows, Sharks feeding on one of the biggest bait balls I've ever seen. A bait ball in theory offers protection to smaller fish and sea animals from the bigger predators, by sticking together the fish appear bigger, the downside, they create a ready made feast for sharks and other predators.

Within minutes of arrival I spotted sting rays, turtles and hundreds of Sharks, covering the shallows of the reef in just 3 or 4 metres of water. The Bait ball was around 3 football fields in size and bursting with all different marine species.

Immersed in the unbelievable sight of the huge array of species. Bronze Whaler Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Bull Sharks, Golden Trevally and even Seabirds. To witness the ways of nature on such a grand scale is a somewhat humbling experience.

Typically a bait ball is short lived and seldom lasts longer than 10 minutes. However, this feeding frenzy stuck around for a good two weeks. This was one of those days I was grateful for having my camera, and spent the rest of the capturing what was going on in the shallow waters. I returned a few weeks later to find the majority of the fish had dissipated, leaving just a few small bait balls. It was incredible to see the difference in the lagoon that had been so alive just a few weeks before.


Andre Rerekura